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We are so excited to have the blog up and running again! Every once in a while we would like to share a few stories from some of our service centers with our readers. Here at CottageCare, it’s important to us to have quality employees who not only like to work hard, but genuinely CARE! Please enjoy these stories from a few of our staff that we are so fortunate to have as part of our team!

“We did a cleaning on a Friday morning for a customer who was undergoing surgery for breast cancer the following Monday.

When we spoke she was told me about her upcoming surgery. She proceeded to tell me that she also tested positive in her lymph nodes and began to cry. The lymph node surgery is much more invasive than the mastectomy.

I had knitted a pink ribbon afghan for a friend and classmate who is a 9 year survivor, and had been meaning to put it in the mail. For whatever reason, I kept forgetting to bring it into town to be mailed and was already in the process of making another to take to the hospital for them to give to a patient.

After the conversation with the customer, I brought the pink ribbon afghan into the office, folded and tied it with a ribbon. When I delivered the blanket to the customer she hugged me and replied, “Why would you do this? You don’t even know me.” I answered, “CottageCare, the crew and myself are supporters of cancer foundations and we wish you strength and courage during such a challenging time. Much like ‘comfort food’ may it bring you comfort and make you smile in the days ahead.”…”

Holly Stanton
Manager of Peoria, IL service center

Monna, assistant to Ginger Hamilton at the Fort Wayne Indiana service center, rushes to help a local food bank after work. The program “Stamp Out Hunger” services many churches in the Fort Wayne area.


 Ginger Hamilton

Manager of Fort Wayne, IN service center

What has someone that you don’t know done for you to show that they care?