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When searching for the best detailed Fort Wayne hardwood floor cleaning services, look to CottageCare for the outstanding customer service!

Cleaning hardwood floors is difficult. If there is too much soap in your solution, then there is a foggy flim that lays across your floors. If there isn’t enough cleaning agent in your solution, then the floors never get clean enough. The fight against hardwood floors is exhausting and CottageCare is here to help you win the fight! To get detailed Fort Wayne hardwood floor cleaning that is done correctly, follow the link below to get your free estimate!

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When you are filling out the quote estimator, make sure to select all the services you are interested in! Here at CottageCare, we want to make sure we are assesting you the best we can. Once you introduce yourself, a cleaning professional will contact you shortly with an estimate. If you have a question that needs an immediate answer, ask a question in the chat box! Please note that we do not give prices over chat.

How are floors cleaned during my detailed Fort Wayne hardwood floor cleaning?

Floors are polished with ecofriendly cleaning agents. We figure only natural products should be used on natural materials. By using ecofriendly cleaning agents, we are able to promise a clean home without the chlorine bleach smell. For many years, people associate bleach with cleanliness. CottageCare is here to turn that thinking around! Clean should not have a smell. Whether your favorte scent is crisp apples and cinnamon or warm vanilla, your house should smell like the scent you choose to fill it with. Contacting CottageCare gives you an opportunity to experience the freedom from housework. Sit and relax after work instead of doing chores. Follow the link above to get started.