Hello friends! Thanks for reading! If you’re new here, we’ve started a weekly blog series with tips on how to commit to going green in 2017! This week, we are going to share a few extra eco friendly habits to hopefully guide you in living a more sustainable lifestyle. The tips we are going to share with you are small daily commitments that definitely add up over time, and will help you lessen your carbon foot print!

Bye-bye plastics! 

To go cups, water bottles, plastic bags… These 3 items have been said to be 3 largest most harmful and non biodegradable contributors when it comes to plastics. Instead, opt for re-usable beverage tumblers and cloth tote bags. They are relatively inexpensive and it’s actually becoming more popular for places to offer a small bring-your-own-mug or bring-your-own-bag discount. For those coffee shop lovers, make sure to communicate to your barista if you plan to enjoy your coffee at the shop so they don’t automatically serve up your daily joe in a to-go cup! Oh, and plastic straws! Yet small, those do add up and research shows that sipping through straws can actually contribute to cavities, bloating and gas! Who has time or a want for that?!

Turn OFF!

The lights when you leave a room, the water when you’re brushing your teeth, appliances when not in use – computer included!


Going meatless once a week, installing a low flow shower head, composting what you can’t recycle, tele or bike commuting, shopping and buying local.

Remember, your efforts in leading a sustainable life style do matter!


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