Frequently Asked Questions.... continued! | CottageCare

As mentioned in our first frequently asked questions post, we receive questions from new and longtime customers on a daily basis. Not everybody feels comfortable asking questions, so we thought we would take a little pressure off and address some of our most frequently asked CottageCare questions!

How many crewmembers are you sending to my house?

Typically, we only send one crewmember to a cleaning. This ensures more accountability in the home, and gives our crewmembers more hours! However, sometimes we will send more than one crewmember should it be a larger job.

Do I need to leave out cleaning products?

We provide and bring all of our own green and eco friendly cleaning products.

Can I change my cleaning plans and rotate rooms?

Absolutely! We can create and tailor cleaning plans that will best fit you and your home!

Stay tuned for more FAQ’s!