Happy spring everyone! Today we’re going to talk about how to get the ultimate CottageCare cleaning in your living areas and bedrooms. Yes, it’s true! There are a few things that you can do before the CottageCare crew member arrives at your home to get an even DEEPER CottageCare housecleaning! Also, we’re going to give you a few tips on a couple of tasks that are outside of our services that we offer, but with your help + CottageCare House Cleaning service combined, it will ensure that your home is 110% fresh and clean!

First, let’s start with what you can expect with our services in your living areas and bedrooms! Here is our checklist!

You can read about our CottageCare routine, and how we clean here!

Let’s get started!

Take down any drapes in your living areas and bedrooms. Have them steam-cleaned, dry-cleaned or throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes on the fluff air only setting with a damp cloth to remove dust and revive those drab drapes!  CottageCare will dust your blinds, wipe down the window sill and locking ledge, so it’s best to re-hang your drapes after your CottageCare cleaning!

Move large furniture away from the walls before your CottageCare crew member arrives so that they may vacuum behind or underneath furniture as far as possible to remove any dust and debris that has collected in areas that are not always accessible.

Switch (and store away) cold weather clothing and linens to warm weather clothing and linens. Storage idea: flat plastic totes that can slide under the bed are a perfect (and out of sight) storage solution for this! Quick tip: vacuuming your mattress, turning it end over end and side over side 2x a year will extend the life of your mattress! Don’t worry about replacing the sheets with your cool weather linens. Your CottageCare crew member will happily make the beds for you!

Lastly, after your CottageCare cleaning, call a service to have your carpets cleaned. While we edge the perimeter of every room and vacuum the floors, a great way to eliminate dirt that may be trapped deep in your carpet is by having them professionally cleaned. While they may appear clean, let’s a second think about where Fido may walk on a daily basis, the times we’ve crashed on our floors after getting home for a workout or what shoes may have brought in! If you aren’t familiar with a carpet cleaning section in your area, Yelp can very useful tool when it comes to selecting a service!

Simple enough, right?! We hope you’ve found this helpful and can use it to get an even deeper CottageCare cleaning this spring! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we’ll be covering the kitchen!

*Disclaimer: Please know that CottageCare crew members are not permitted to do laundry, move large furniture or flip mattresses.