Super Spring Cleaning! How To Clean Windows 101! | CottageCare

Last week we wrapped up our Green in 2017 mini blog series, and will be diving into another mini series on a topic that we REALLY love… SPRING CLEANING! While we provide housecleaning services, we want to provide you with all the tools necessary to get your home organized and so clean it shines! We will even be providing a few tips throughout the blog series to get an even DEEPER cleaning with your CottageCare cleaning services! Yes! It’s possible!

Today let’s talk about windows! After a season of all different kinds of precipitation, your windows will undoubtedly need some love! Here is an easy, eco friendly, do-it-yourself guide on how to get those windows sparkling again!

What You’ll Need

  • a bucket
  • warm water
  • castile soap
  • cleaning cloths
  • squeegee
  • possibly: a natural sponge and strip applicator

Squeeze a little (less suds the better!) soap into the bucket, and fill it with warm water. Next, dip your cleaning cloth into the bucket. You might want to keep a towel close by to wipe up any dripping! Apply the soapy water to the window with a back and forth motion. Use the squeegee to wipe the window dry with a single stroke from top to bottom. Make sure to wipe the squeegee blade clean after each stroke to prevent smearing. We suggest using a dry cleaning cloth to wipe up any remaining drips or water that has collected on the sill.

If you’re washing windows with window panes, we suggest scrubbing them with a natural sponge before cleaning the glass. Also, should you be cleaning large picture windows, a strip applicator will be more effective and efficient for washing the window than a cleaning cloth.

Look at you! Window washing like a pro! That’s all there is to enjoying clean and streak free windows!

Do you have any tricks to washing your windows?