Gift Ideas for House Cleaners | CottageCare

Around the holiday season, many people find it a great time to show their appreciation in gift form. We often get the question from customers, “May I give the crew member a gift? They work so hard to keep my home looking great all year long!” While not expected, it can be a nice gesture and is always appreciated. Here are some great and useful gift ideas for your house cleaner!

A gift card for a manicure.

 You might giggle at the nail salon suggestion, but working with your hands all day can definitely take a toll on those fingers and nails. Everyone can appreciate a little pampering!


A gift card to the local super market, coffee shop or gas station.


 The DIY gifts always warms the heart.


A small tin filled with holiday goodies.


As with tipping, gift giving is always to the discretion of the customer. We just thought we’d take out some hemming and hawing about gift ideas!

What is your favorite type of gift to give?