Post Holiday Clean Up Tutorial | CottageCare

The guests have left, you’re probably finishing off holiday leftovers and there’s a good chance your home is a bit out of sorts with holiday decor and new items to incorporate into your home. Here is a quick post holiday clean up tutorial!

First things first, don’t sweat the small stuff! Your home didn’t reach it’s current state overnight, so it may not always be realistic to get everything taken care of in one day. However, start a task, stay focused and complete what you started. The sooner you can return your home to “normal” the easier it is to get back into day-to-day routine.

Pack up the holiday decor!

Post Holiday Clean Up Tutorial | CottageCare

It’s ideal when packing away items for later use that they have their own labeled plastic bin which makes it easy to identify for next year and will also keep your holiday decor safe and dry. While packing up the decor be cognizant of what you are packing away. Did you add anything new to your holiday collection? If so, can you replace one of your older or possibly damaged items with it? Keep in mind that sometimes less can be more.

Say good bye to the tree!

Not only can dry pine needles be a mess, but they are also a fire hazard. If you have a real Christmas tree we suggest that you recycle it! You can check with your local recycling center. Typically, it is sent through a wood chipper and used as mulch in green areas. Also, ask if your city has a designated Christmas tree pick up day. Have a fireplace? Chop it up to use as firewood. If you have time in your schedule for a project, cut it up and make holiday gifts for next year. Woodsy chic decor is great all year round! Although, be sure to sand and seal to prevent any sticky sap situations.

Post Holiday Clean Up Tutorial | CottageCare

Out with the old, in with the new!

We mentioned earlier that less can be more. As you are incorporating new items into your home, use this time to also see what older items can be donated to accommodate for the new. Everything should have it’s own place. This is not only helpful for the holiday season, but all year round. Less clutter, less mess, less stress! It only takes a few minutes to drop off a bag of clothes at a clothing donation bin on your way to the grocery store. Toys? Furniture? Head to your local Goodwill.

Did your home office receive an upgrade this holiday season?

Post Holiday Clean Up Tutorial | CottageCare

Most computer companies offer take back programs, and many electronic stores can recycle computers, printers, screens, cell phones, TV’s, etc. You could also try to sell older electronics should they be in good working order.

Clean Up!

Well, that’s easy. The only tip you need there is to call CottageCare. We can tidy up your guest rooms, bathrooms, your whole home, or whatever your home may need with our tailored cleaning plans. We’ll even take off the holiday fair isle patterned sheets and make the beds for you!

We hope this holiday clean up tutorial makes the transition into the New Year a little smoother for you!