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Keep your floors looking polished with CottageCare’s Minneapolis hardwood floor cleaning! Contact us today for a free quote.

Hardwood floors are difficult to maintain, and beautiful when they are polished spotless! Minneapolis hardwood floor cleaning from CottageCare keeps your floors looking clean! Cleaning hardwood floors is different that cleaning carpet, or removing animals fur off of the couch. Hardwood floors may be more delicate and senstive to cleaning agents. The cleaning professionals at CottageCare have over 28 years of Minneapolis hardwood floor cleaning experience!

You just finished the battle against salt from the wintery roads, and now you have to battle against muddy floors. While the salt may bring harsher side effects than dirt, it is still just as important to remove the dried dirt from the floor. If you have an older home with hardwood flooring, the protective seal may be running low. There are many ways that you can protect your hardwood floors! The biggest way to keep healthy hardwood floors is to use the right cleaning agents on it.

CottageCare uses ecofriendly cleaning agents that are gentle on hardwood floors and tough on dirt. Give CottageCare a call today to schedule your Minneapolis hardwood floor cleaning! To clean up your bad cleaning agent using past, get rid of the harmful hardwood cleaning agents such as:

  • Stear clear of products with ammonia in it. This chemical is harsh and unnatural.
  • Some homeowners will use furniture spray thinking that all hardwood is the same. The hardwood used on your floor is different from the wood used for your furniture! These sprays may cause wax build-up.
  • Refrain from using hard surface cleaning tools. Microfiber is ideal for wood floors.

To schedule your Minneapolis hardwood floor cleaning, follow this link and introduce yourself! A member of CottageCare will be happy to provide the most accurate quote possible.