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CottageCare offers North Milwaukee carpet cleaning services for those homeowners with furry best friends. Introduce yourself today for your free quote!

Having a puppy brings an entire different world of troubles than children bring. The biggest challenge of having a furry four legged friend is the constant hairballs stuck in the carpet and random mud tracked through your home on a muddy day. To keep your home free from hidden hairball bunnies and dried mud stuck in the carpet, contact CottageCare to schedule your North Milwaukee carpet cleaning services!

CottageCare is excited to get your North Milwaukee carpet cleaning services scheduled! Stop the puppy mess at the door!

While the family pets bring in the majority of the dirt and allergens, your family members have an equal blame! To help keep your home nicer for longer, give CottageCare a call today! CottageCare can cater personalized North Milwaukee carpet cleaning services that fit your family. Some families need more pet hair removal, and others may need more deep cleaning. Regardless of how messy your carpet is, CottageCare is passionate about helping your carpet shine! After your cleaning professional visits your home, make it a point for guests and family members to leave their shoes by the front door. In addition to leaving your shoes at the door, CottageCare has some suggestions to keep the rest of your house cleaner for longer!

  • The best trick to keeping your dinning room clean is to keep your dinning room table set at all times. This keeps your family from unloading mail on your table and keeps the cat from using it as a personal jungle gym.
  • Make it a habit to never walk upstairs without taking something with you. If you notice something that belongs upstairs on the main level, take it with you the next trip up the stairs. This will help you keep your main level clutter free for guests.
  • Place a doormat on the inside and outside of your front door. This keeps the majority of the dirt outside your home and provides an extra layer or protection for your hardwood floors.

To get started on your cleaner home, contact a member of CottageCare today for you free quote!