Party Host Etiquette 101 + Awesome Easter Brunch Menu Ideas! | CottageCare

Spring is in full swing, and provides many opportunities to host an event at your home! Today we will be discussing topics on host etiquette while entertaining party guests, and also sharing a few Easter brunch ideas with you!

Party Host Etiquette 101 + Awesome Easter Brunch Menu Ideas! | CottageCare

Accommodate for allergies. 

Allergies, long-term food lifestyles (veganism, vegetarianism, kosher) for religious or medical reasons are all reasons to accommodate when planning your menu. A guest’s food preferences do not.

Offer an alternative to alcohol.

If you will be making a festive alcoholic beverage or presentation, provide an equally festive non alcoholic beverage or presentation option, too! Be sure to label them appropriately.

Keep your cool.

Do your best to deal with spills (or any other issues that arise) in a cool collected manner with good humor.

Don’t apologize.

Should things not be running as smoothly as you envisioned when putting your party planning Pinterest board together… don’t apologize! Who cares if the ham in your brunch croissants are a little dry. You’re awesome just for trying! Apologizing draws attention to things that may have potentially gone unnoticed. Profusely apologizing can come across as fishing for compliments. Set a good mood! Think and speak happy thoughts!

Let them help. 

Guests love to help! It allows them to feel useful and also at home. Letting your guests help you with whatever tasks they are volunteering for can also provide great bonding time, and help you avoid getting stuck in the kitchen.

Are you planning an Easter brunch this year? Here are some menu ideas we’ve found, and hope you’ll enjoy!



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Savory Menu Items

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