Frequently Asked Questions... there's more! | CottageCare

Last week we continued our frequently asked questions segment on the blog and would like to keep it going! To any of our readers who may have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I have lots of collectibles and nic-nacs – How should we handle that?
That is up to you. We don’t go inside cabinets to dust routinely, but items out in the open will be moved and dusted unless you specify otherwise. Obviously, homes with lots of things to dust take longer than those without, so it will inevitably be reflected in the price of cleaning your home. If you have a particular item or items that you especially cherish and would like to minimize the risk of that item being broken or damaged, we will be happy to note such things and leave them alone. Unfortunately accidents do happen, but let’s minimize the risk where you see fit.


Is there a better day of the week to be cleaned?
The old inclination of “getting it cleaned for the weekend” is now counter-balanced by “It stays cleaner, longer, if I get it done on Monday or Tuesday.” So, you decide. Then ask for your preference, and we will work with you as much as our schedule and your geography allows us.


Do you “do windows”?
The routine we offer is inside and out of the front storm door, the back patio door, and inside of the window over the kitchen sink, all weather permitting. Beyond that, you are better off calling a professional window washing company to “do windows.”


What day of the week do you like to have your home cleaned?